SwingSeat Back Support Ergonomic Chairs

Do you suffer from poor back support or neck, shoulder or leg pain while seated?
Do you sit uncomfortably and/or for long periods at a time?
Do you find yourself perching on the front of your seat or continually squirming in your chair?
Do you feel like the circulation through your legs is being restricted or cutoff?

← ← ← This is the way an Ergonomic Chair should work!

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3 Often Asked Questions

"Where can I see this chair?"

"What if its not the chair for me?" (return policy)

"How do i order and how long to receive it?"

Freedom of Movement

The AeroMotion ergonomic back support chair

◄  SwingSeat continuously and automatically adjusts from full forward "incline" to full backward "recline" without moving a single lever.

◄  Independently supported, tension adjustable backrest  follows your every move... the most consistent back support and lumbar support for the most demanding needs of any office, computer or task chair user!

◄  Instantly and automatically, achieve the full range of possible seating positions AND, your eyes and hands are not pulled away from your monitor and desktop as you move.

Independent Ergonomic Resources
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Cornell University Ergonomics Web
Humanics-es.com | Consultants
BIFMA Assoc on Ergonomic Chairs


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